Lgo tibethgs His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Herbal Products

Sorig is a Tibetan word literally means science of healing. The Sorig range of products consists of skin care and beauty preparations, herbal teas, natural health products and food supplements, Incense sticks etc., and are based on active and non-active ingredients, formulated in strict proportion to the way it contributes to the effective nourishment.

Each Sorig product is thoroughly researched blending modern methods with ancient Tibetan wisdom of healing. Tibetan and non-Tibetan experts are consulted to ensure the highest possible quality. Every effort is being made to ensure maximum consumer safety and benefit. All products are free from side effects.

Sorig products, not only help for the health of outer body but also supports the inner mental state. Sorig products are prepared from the herbs which are grown in Tibet and Himalayan regions located at about 3000 meters above the sea level by the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Department in North India. Such herbs are collected with utmost care and respect to the surrounding environment. We have obtained a limited quantity of these products in our store.

Himalayan Tea leaves are mainly produced in hilly region of eastern Nepal. They are somewhat similar to popular Darjeeling tea of India in its appearance, aroma and fruity taste. Nepalese and Indian eastern hilly regions such as Ilam, Darjeeling and Assam are the main tea producing regions. They have more or less the same geographical and topographical conditions. We carry loose as well tea bags of high quality.

Current Herbal Products

  • Sorig 2073
    Sorig Gaay-Pa-Sowae-Chulen Tea
  • Srg 2074
    Sorig Tsephel Dhutse Tea
  • Srg 2076
    Sorig Za-Khu-Chee-Nyii Tea
  • Srg 2077
    Sorig Tobmeen Chudue Gyatso Tea
  • Srg 2078
    Sorig Lhopel Dhutse Tea
  • Sorig 2072
    Sorig Baekan Tea
  • Srg 2133
    Sorig Trak-Shey Tea
  • Sorig 2127
    Sorig Jashing Ngapa Tea
  • Srg 2128
    Sorig Tripa Tea
  • Srg 2129
    Sorig Loong Tea
  • Srg 2130
    Sorig Oogmi-Daewae-Menja Tea
  • Srg 2134
    Sorig Tobkay-Menja Tea
  • Srg 2265
    Sorig Massage Oil