Lgo tibethgs His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama


Tibetan incense is usually found in Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. These incenses have a characteristic "earthy" or herbal scent to them. The incenses can contain several ingredients. Tibetan incense is milder than other incense. Tibetans burn incense in the morning to purify their home or shrines. The brands such as Potala and Green Tara are traditional Tibetan incense.

In Tibetan medical field, Tibetan incense is recognized as a way of treatment for sickness such as stress relieving. There are some in parts of Nepal, India and Bhutan that produce Tibetan incense in an authentic manner, by using authentic Himalayan herbs and ingredients. Many monasteries in India and Nepal also manufacture quality Tibetan incense. We carry large collection of Tibetan as well incense from all over the world including loose incense powder, Nag Champa products (incense, candle), etc.

Our store carries a large collection of incense holders and incense burners. We have three different well carved incense holder-cum-burners. The carvings are unique Tibetan art. We also carry metal incense and candle holder and burners which are also carved with auspicious symbols. The store also carry resin incense burners and metal loose incense burners.

Current Incense

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    Incense Burner
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    Incense Burner
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    Green Tara Incense
  • Ins 2315
    Manjushri Incense
  • Ins potala
    Potala Incense
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    HEM Amber Incense
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    Incense Holder
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    Paljor Healing Incense Gift Pack