Lgo tibethgs His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Music and Movies

DVDs: The store carries a variety of DVDs on popular movies and Documentaries on Tibetan religion, culture, traditions, live, comedies, music, dances, travel, pilgrim sites, etc. We also carry documentaries about Nepalese region of Mustang, Mount Everest expedition and also popular Bhutanese movies and culture of Ladakh..

CDs: We have numerous CDs containing relaxing music, peaceful flute tunes, Buddhist chants, Nepali folk music, traditional music, etc. We collect these DVDs from Nepal and India.

Current Music and Movies

  • Cd ocean
    Ocean of Music
  • Cd fusion
    Fusion Dreams
  • Cd soundless
    Sound less Sound - Blissful Moments
  • Cd machhapurchhre
    Machhapurchhre - Typical Nepali Folk Songs
  • Cd sushil
    Music From Nepal - Peace & Harmony in Bamboo Flute
  • Cd incantations
    Buddhist Incantations
  • Cd 124
    Buddhist Incantations 2
  • Cd 125
    The Himalayan Lores