Lgo tibethgs His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Signing Bowls

Singing Bowls are a type of bowl shaped bells placed on the palm or a cushion producing a humming sound when played by striking the rim of the bowl with a padded mallet or by rubbing around the rim of the bowl with a wooden, plastic or leather wrapped mallet.

Singing bowls are used for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being. They are used by a wide range of professionals, including health professionals, school teachers, musicians and spiritual teachers. They are also used in health care by sound healers, psychotherapists, massage therapists, cancer, stress, meditation specialists. Singing bowls are also used in yoga, music therapy, religious services, performances or merely for personal enjoyment.
In Tibetan Buddhist practice, singing bowls are used as a signal to begin and end periods of silent meditation. They are popular in classrooms to help facilitate group activities and focus students' attention.

Singing bowls are made in Nepal, India, Japan, China and Korea. They are made from "bell metal bronze," which is a pure mixture of copper and tin, aluminum, antique, etc.

Singing bowls may display abstract decorations like lines, rings and circles engraved into the surface. These decorations may appear outside the rim, inside the bottom, around the top of the rim and sometimes on the outside bottom. Sometimes they feature religious iconography and spiritual motifs and symbols such as the Tibetan mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, images of Buddha, or the eight auspicious symbols.

Current Signing Bowls

  • Snb lotus
    Signing Bowl with Lotus symbol
  • Snb brass
    Small Brass Singing Bowl
  • Snb 147
    Singing Bowl